Snack Shack is Open and the #2 Train is Chugging....All Aboard!!

Howdy partners, we sure are glad the sunny season is back!

  Doug's Snack shack is open, serving chili-cheese fries and delicious blackberry shakes and our historic train is chugging along through the redwoods again.

We are open now from 9am to 6pm as well, so folks driving late can still swing by to see our world-famous Gravity House and find treasures in our Gift Shop of Wonders.

Always make the time to take the scenic route.


Kai, the Ambassador of Confusion Hill   

Bigfoot Bonanza on the Barbary Coast!

Greetings from Confusion Hill,

As it has been a tad rainy up here, we just wanna let you know our world famous gravity house is still open for business! Have you received a fortune from our Wizard Fortune Teller yet? 

We are proud to announce that Confusion Hill is a sponsor of this year’s Bigfoot Bonanza, a Bigfoot film festival and conference being held down at the Barbary Coast of San Francisco at the haunted and historic Balboa Theatre March 10th, 11th and 12th, 2017.

 This three day film festival and conference will include renowned Bigfoot researchers Cliff Barackman, of Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot any many other guest speakers. In addition to the Bigfoot researchers, the weekend will include a three day smorgasbord of cult classic Bigfoot, Swamp Monster and Yeti movies and documentaries.

 All this will take place on both screens of the historic Balboa Theatre and will be hosted by yours truly, the Ambassador of Confusion Hill.

For people who are into obscure Bigfoot films, giant monsters, drinking beer, eating popcorn and talking about Bigfoot with actual Bigfoot researchers, this is for you!

More information and a full schedule of the speakers and films can be found at  Tickets can be purchased directly through the Balboa Theatre: or(415) 221-8184.  They anticipate this event to sell out and are encouraging people to buy their tickets in advance.

Support your local Northern California Monster and Hope to see ya there!


 Kai, Ambassador of Confusion Hill

Minnie now has a Historical Plaque!

Greetings folks from near and far,

We are proud to announce that Yerba Buena #1 of the “Ancient and Honorable” historical group E Clampus Vitus, placed a historical plaque for Minnie!

As some of you may know, in a small grove of redwoods across from the parking lot of Confusion Hill, lays a grave for Minnie Stoddard Lilley (1885-1947), who was a true California pioneer woman. Courageous, creative, kind and musically-inclined, Minnie was also an environmentalist, a homesteader, a school teacher and a pioneer with true grit in every sense of the word. 

Thank ye again Yerba Buena #1! 


Kai,  Ambassador of Confusion Hill