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Confusion Hill Gift Shop!

We offer a wide variety of unique handcrafted redwood items! Local artists create one of a kind redwood carvings!
 We have bears, bowls, boxes, bonzi tables, butterflies, beautiful clocks and much, much more! If you are interested in purchasing any item we will be happy to ship it via ups. Just send us an E-mail and we will contact you!

Thank you,

Doug & Carol Campbell


Assorted Bears!

We have an assortment of redwood bears to chose from ranging in sizes and price. Each bear is unique so when you call you will have to inquire on the type, size, and price of bear you are looking for.


Assorted Wall Clocks!

There are many one of a kind redwood clocks and redwood mirrors to chose from. Call and let us know what you are looking for. 


Assorted Boxes!

We also have an assortment of boxes. Some boxes have various pictures of interest for every one ( Dragons, horse's, Native American images, redwood trees, pictures of Confusion Hill ) Call and let us know what your interest is we would be happy to help you!


Wall Hanging Butterflies!

If you like butterflies we got a bunch! Three different sizes and sets of three. Please call for prices on individual or sets of butterflies.


Assorted Picture Plaques!

If you like to hang pictures try our picture covered wooden plaques with something of interest for everyone!