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Please don't feed the engineer!

Mountain Train Ride

Take our Mountain Train Ride on a 30 minute trip through second and old growth Redwoods, Tan Oaks, Fir and Madrone trees to the hilltop and back. You will travel on 1 miles of 20 gauge track. We use a unique Alpine switchback system to ascend the hillside. The Engineer will tell you about some of the particular characteristics of the Coastal Redwood! There is also an interesting collection of historical logging equipment to be seen as you make the loop around the top of the hill. The train rides are on a "First come, First serve" basis.


Seeing is believing?

Gravity House

There is a real Mystery here which you will have Fun trying to solve! Your body will defy the Laws of Nature! Gravity seems to be confused and you will be too! Our slogan "IS SEEING BELIEVING?" is a question you yourself must answer! Remember there is NO right or wrong answer here at Campbell Bros. Confusion Hill! You will experience optical contradictions and odd physical sensations that are truly CONFUSING! Take the self-guided tour and enjoy the Mystery and Fun for yourself!


Take a family picture with you kids!

Redwood Shoehouse

The Redwood Shoehouse was used as a float in a parade in 1947! It has found a home here at Confusion Hill since 1949! The Redwood Shoehouse has been a sentimental favorite and a magnet for kids of ALL ages ever since!


Largest free-standing totem!

Totem Pole

You can't miss the Confusion Hill totem pole! It's the largest freestanding Redwood Chainsaw Carving in the World! It soars over 40 feet above the parking lot. It took one man over 3 months to create.


Is seeing believing?


Campbell Bros. Confusion Hill is the Home of the Rare and Elusive CHIPALOPE! This is a extremely uncommon picture of what looks to be Chipalopes out in the daylight feeding! The local chipmunk seems as surprised by this as the photographer must have been!


In Loving Memory

Twin Towers Memorial Trees

These two trees were dedicated as a memorial to the victims and heroes of 9-11-2001. They were dedicated on 9-11-2002. Stop a moment and pay your respects at this "living" memorial to that terrible day in our history.


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