Confusion Hill was built by George Hudson in 1949. After WWII, George was intrigued with the idea of finding his own "special" place similar to the Oregon Vortex and the Santa Cruz Mystery Spot. He believed that there were more than just a few places in NATURE that defied its own LAWS.

For centuries people have called such things as magnetism and gravity LAWS of NATURE. He felt that at specific locations these two forces can combine in a way that alters our perception of the world around us. By building THE GRAVITY HOUSE and the other exhibits he structurally enhanced this phenomenon. No one has ever spent the money it would take to do a truly scientific study but people have come up with a variety of THEORIES over the years.

My wife Carol and I, along with my brother Don Campbell, bought Confusion Hill back in 1999.

Along with the GRAVITY HOUSE and historic MOUNTAIN RAIN RIDE, we have what is considered to be the WORLD’S TALLEST FREESTANDING REDWOOD CHAINSAW CARVING, which is in the middle of our parking lot. A man built scaffolding around what was an over 40' tall dead REDWOOD and it took him 3 months to carve it. There are much taller totem poles but they were laid down then carved and raised back up. McKinleyville north of here, has The Guinness Book of World Record tallest totem pole at over 160 feet in height.

 Out in front you will also find THE REDWOOD SHOEHOUSE which is a favorite of KIDS OF ALL AGES. It was used as a float in Fort Bragg's Fourth of July parade back in 1946.

Not long after that terrible attack on 9/11 my brother Don and I were out setting up the ROCK BALANCING AREA when I just happened to look up. I said "Wow Don, look at those two trees, I see the TWIN TOWERS!" He agreed with me that we should do something. I started to write the dedication and with his and my wife Carol's input we wrote it. If you look at the large tree by the PLAYGROUND AREA you will see that we have named it "BIG BROTHER" in loving memory of my brother Don.

We believe that you will enjoy the MYSTERY and FUN to be found here at CONFUSION HILL.  DRIVE CAREFULLY and have a GREAT TIME on your visit to REDWOOD COUNTRY!

Thanks for making us a part of your trip,


Doug& Carol Campbell